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Hello and thank you for stopping by our shop! This business is owned by my husband, Nick, and I - but you will mainly see me around here. :)

I have always had issues with my skin and have never done well with commercial, scented products or products that contain harsh detergent. That's led me on a long journey searching for natural products that I can use and that my body will like.

I am not a doctor, by any means, but I've found some things that work for me. I'm so happy we can now share them with you!


Our products contain no parabens, harmful chemicals, preservatives, synthetic oils, petroleum based oils, waxes, sulfates, talcs, SLS, SLeS, formaldehyde - or additives like oxybenzone, triclosan or synthetic colorants.

We are Eco Friendly, Eco Conscious, Fair Trade sourced & strive to be more sustainable in everything we do.

I use organic, high quality oils. I scent & color using herbs, spices, fine clays, essential oils, handmade extracts & tinctures - done the Old Fashioned way with a modern, artistic flair.

All my soap is handmade, using lye & oil - absolutely no additives (the unhealthy kind) or detergents.

I do use an organic hemp oil & shea butter based melt & pour for some soap and it is identified in my materials, for clarity.

I do have a demand for some scents that are not made organically, so you will find a couple fragrance oils that are Phthalate & Paraben free & some organic flavor oils, as well and they are identified in my materials. We only use fragrances that do not include chemicals deemed unsafe or require notification to CA consumers.

I hand infuse all of my own cold pressed oils. I do botanicals as well as herbs & spices and other concoctions.

I grind my own Frankincense & Myrrh & treat it in such a way that extracts the entire resin with the essential oil, creating a more complete profile of goodness.

I use these oils, extracts & tinctures in all my products - skin loving, healthy, no nonsense & good for you!

I do custom orders so if you have requests for blends, scents, sizes or products that you don't see - please ask me!

Thank you!

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